"Organically raised, grass fed, dry aged Angus Beef"

Raising beef for over thirty years

Our Philosophy

296Happy Cattle Produce Better Beef

We have made it our mission to deliver export quality grass fed beef to the plates of everyday Tasmanians at an affordable price. Our cattle roam the hills and flatlands of the West Tamar enjoying high quality feed in a natural environment. The cattle are only feed what we grow on our farms with no artificial growth stimulants or antibiotics. This ensures that the full flavour of the beef is able to develop naturally over time giving us the best possible restaurant quality beef at home.

It is our belief that happy animals make for the best possible beef and as such we go to extreme lengths to ensure the harvest process is completed in the most humane way possible. Our stock are kept calm and relaxed which guarantees tenderness, they are harvested through a licensed facility, and are processed in a licensed butchery.

After being correctly hung and dry aged to improve taste, our team of award winning local butchers take great time and effort to present you with beef cuts that look and taste great. It is then ready for pickup at the Launceston Harvest Markets, Hobart Farm Gate Markets or delivery direct to your door…it is your choice?

When you support Real Beef you are buying high quality local produce that comes direct from the farm to your plate. This ensures that our farms will be here today and into the future delivering quality product to our local community.



The Beautiful West Tamar Valley

Our livestock graze over three properties in this idyllic region of Northern Tasmania.

Customer Testimonials

M Patterson

Moving to Tasmania from mainland Australia, I was seeking ‘real’ food from local farms and I found it in meeting Bjarke.  It’s not only the high quality product but also the personalised service and philosophy behind the product that I like.

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