“My family and I have been purchasing meat for the last 3 years from the RealBeef guys and it has been a refreshing change from the large supermarket mentality. The flavour and tenderness of all the cuts has allowed us to explore the range of cooking techniques without upsetting the fussy young mouths that need feeding.“

D Pretorius, Launceston

“The only problem with buying RealBeef is that I no longer like having steak when I go out for dinner. I don’t like paying high prices at restaurants for an inferior product. RealBeef is fantastic beef, spoil yourself.

With Realbeef I know the cattle has been cared for and hasn’t been fattened unnaturally. You can taste the difference.”

S Arnot, Ulverstone

“Our family has been enjoying the Tasmanian beef provided for some time now. What we enjoy is not only the great taste but also the way in which the cattle are raised and fed.”

R Brouwer, Legana

“I can entertain with restaurant quality steak any day of the year

This beef turns a summer BBQ into a feast. Every piece of steak tastes as good as the last and I have never had a bad cut yet.”

G Smith, Launceston

“…the best Tasmanian beef my family and I ever had…”

E Hofsink, Launceston

“Moving to Tasmania from mainland Australia, I was seeking ‘real’ food from local farms and I found it in meeting Bjarke. It’s not only the high quality product but also the personalised service and philosophy behind the product that I like.”

M Patterson, Launceston